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School of Political Training for the Indigenous Peoples of  the Colombian Amazon

The School is integrated by an integral Technical Team in charge of the conceptualization, planning, organization, and development of the training activities. This is accomplished with the support of a group of Indigenous Counselors, integrated by a representative from each of the six departments of the Colombian Amazon; they are responsible for accompanying the students and the School throughout the training process. In addition, we have allies, guests, collaborators, the technical team of the information system and our most important part and for who we exist, The Students.

Equipo Técnico
OPIAC School Technical Team

Julio César López Jamioy

General Coordinator

Inga Indigenous leader, lawyer of the National University of Colombia. General Coordinator of the National Organization of the Indigenous Peoples of the Colombian Amazon - OPIAC -, he features extensive organizational experience as governor of the council of the Community of Puerto Limón Putumayo, President of the Zonal Indigenous Organization of Putumayo - OZIP -.

Maria Clemencia Herrera Nemerayema

School General Coordinator

Indigenous Uitoto from Amazon Department, she is a leader of the indigenous Amazon movement recognized for her struggle for the rights of peoples, she has attended training processes on topics such as curricular guidelines in indigenous communities, socio-economic research methods in indigenous territories (With OXFAM America), Indigenous women's rights, equity, leadership and biodiversity, processes of diplomacy and indigenous representativeness at the international level, she has been a member of the executive committee of the National Indigenous Organization of Colombia - ONIC -, she is currently a member of the organization AZICATCH of the Amazon and OPIAC as well. She is currently the project coordinator of the Political Training School of the Colombian Amazon.

Claudia Diyanira Duarte Duarte

School Line Manager

She is a Social Worker of the National University of Colombia, she is Specialist in Intercultural Bilingual Education of the Intercultural Indigenous University, candidate for Magister in Political Studies. She features 15 years of work experience with indigenous peoples and university teaching.

Paola Ximena Quiroga Sanabria

REDD Expert

Industrial Designer from the National University of Colombia, Master Degree in Environmental Management from the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana; she also features a Degree in Tools for Work with Indigenous Communities in Amazonas, at the National University of Colombia, Leticia. She lived for nine years in the Amazon region where she participated in different processes with indigenous communities and organizations in the departments of Putumayo and Amazonas.

Diego Fernando Henao Arcila

Research Line

Anthropologist and Master in Social Anthropology at the National University of Colombia, he features studies in human rights from the University of Lund and the Inter-American Institute of Human Rights, he is also specialist in creative writing at the Central University, he has more than 20 years of experience in development of projects and education programs with the indigenous peoples of Colombia.

Claudia María Fuentes Cuaspud


She has a Degree in Psychopedagogy with emphasis in educational advising and master's degree in Human Rights with a critical approach from the Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia, she has nine years of service in the indigenous communities.

Lina María Martínez

Administrative Procedures

Degree in Physics from the Distrital University Francisco José de Caldas, she has extensive experience in Popular and Community education processes. She Worked 8 years with indigenous organizations in different regions of the country in alternative communication processes.

Natalia Muñoz Garcia


Public Accountant of La Gran Colombia University, she has experience in accounting taxation and management for companies located in the real sector, services, consortiums and non-profit organizations. She also holds experience in Human Resources administration, guarantee and source of payments. She has been working at OPIAC since 2016.

Gabriel Rodríguez Amórtegui

Translator and Teacher trainer

Teacher trainer, English teacher and translator. He features studies in phonetics and phonemic awareness at  ZLC in New Jersey, USA. He studied translation at National University of Colombia. English Teaching and Didactics of English at Andes University of Colombia. He currently works in the publishing industry at the Academic and Technology Department.

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