System of Information Political Training School- OPIAC

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What is the SIPTS?

Knowledge for the Indigenous Amazon and its Bases -COPAIBA- is an open digital platform, built, consolidated and monitored from and for the Colombian Amazon Indigenous Peoples, with contents prioritized by ourselves. It gathers information from indigenous - Amazon Colombian peoples as ancestral, pluricultural and biodiverse territory. It is a part of a large community and organizational information system led by OPIAC.


It arises from the need posed by the members of the School of Political Education to strengthen the governance of the territory, communication with other peoples, the State, and in general with the whole society. It is based on the traditional vision, knowledge, organizational structures, ideology and way of thinking.


The SIPTS allows obtaining up-to-date information on communities, organizations, reservations, traditions, territory, conflicts - environmental problems and initiatives, generating information, dialogue, understanding, intercultural cooperation, informed decision-making and denunciations; that is to say, an integral management of the territory.

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