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Organizational Scope

Here you can find related information about how the peoples of the Amazon are organized to exercise their rights in collective or communal ways, how they manage initiatives and other actions focused on indigenous peoples´ welfare, Additionally, there is a guide regarding what organization, shelter, or representative should be contacted for further information. The organizational scope is divided into two major levels: Regional and Local and in turn each level counts on its own sub-categories.

Environmental Scope

The Environmental Scope brings together aspects related to problems and conflicts directly associated to the well-being of the ecosystems´ biodiversity, it also contains information regarding initiatives in the territory that promote the conservation and integral well-being of the communities, accompanied by geographical location (in the viewer), description and involved players.

Cultural Scope

In this scope you will find information related to three important cultural aspects: Original Sites, Sacred Sites and Historic Centers, you will find the peoples they belong to, description and location. This information will allow you to know more about the culture, traditions and importance of culture in the territory.

Normative Scope

All the aspects related to human rights, environment, productive and extractive sectors, education, health, participation, territory, as well as cultural - views of ethnic will be found along this scope, the consultation can be done directly in the attached documents.

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