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School of Political Training for the Indigenous Peoples of  the Colombian Amazon

Line Territory and Biodiversity

Context Module. Juncture Analysis

We will generate a broad reflection about the "before", "during" and "projections" of the indigenous movement in Colombia, as well as its development for both, the Amazon region, and those local dynamics.

Module 1. Cosmovision and Territory

We will strengthen the "Own" knowledge of the indigenous peoples of the Colombian Amazon, in accordance with their cosmovision and Law of Origin for the defense of the territory, in relation to other non-indigenous knowledge, by means of the affirmation of the sense of belonging.

Module 2. Territory of Origin

Convey traditional knowledge by means of training, appropriation of knowledge and practices, which contribute to the defense of the territories of origin, as well as cultural preservation, all this implies the reflection, innovation and construction of alternatives to strengthen the peoples of the Colombian Amazon.

Module 3. The Amazon Chagra o Conuco

Recognize and identify in the Chagra a system of "Own" knowledge as a core element of life, identity and sustainability of our indigenous peoples of the Amazon. To do so, we will establish differences and risks with with respect to other production systems.

Module 4. Life and Development

An analysis of the proper concept of Life; influence of the different perspectives and concepts of development and its relationship with the Amazonian Indigenous Territories.

Flexible Component: Normativity and Legal Pluralism

We will find in this module topics such as interculturality, pluralism, intercultural dialogue, law, participation, law of life, etc. Our view is to guide the subject in such a way that we incorporate these tools in a model of comprehensive political education.

Module 5. Knowledge, Use and Management of Nature

In the educational conception of the Amazon indigenous peoples, the calendar and territory intersect as space - time dimensions constituting reality, and generating the relational field in which life passes. The educational scenarios, which will be discussed down below, "work" in precise temporal dynamics, linking the day and night, the moments of rain and sun, the activities and events that occur in the maloca, the mountain, the river, the chagra, etc.

Flexible Component: Project Design

It contains the methodology for the design and formulation of projects, and it constitutes a working tool in the "own" and community planning process.

Module 6. Role of the indigenous Amazon women in defense of the territory.

Reflection about the role the indigenous women have as guarantors of the existence of the peoples, and their continuance in the territory; not only as women - mother, food provider, but also as a determining factor in the preparation for life with the beings of the territory.

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